Drag racers face court over willetton fatality – Independent

Drag racers face court over willetton fatality – Independent

Wife charged with murdering family at home on Christmas day – Independent

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Three arrested over New Year’s Eve brawl, four charged with attempted murder – The Independent

Arrest warrants issued for man, 22, for causing death with injury, attack and causing panic. – Independent

Police have received reports of a man’s death after allegedly being beaten by two men at a party in Melbourne’s west더킹카지노ern suburbs on New Year’s Eve.

Officers responded to reports of a violent assault at a Sydney property in the western suburb of Goulburn late on New Year’s Eve.

Acc우리카지노ording to the alleged incident report, the two men arrived at the home near Glenrothes around 12:20am and a quarrel then started between the young couple, who had attended an event for children.

The men allegedly went into the house and kicked some men in the head before assaulting them and kicking others in the leg.

“The male victim then told the males he would not do as the men said and the incident was reported to police as a homicide,” a police statement said.

Two people were taken to the hospital, where they were declared dead from blunt force trauma.

Investigators believe an investigation will continue in the coming days.

Officers said they natyasastra.comare not looking for anyone else at this time.

“It is believed one individual may be involved,” a statement from Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said.

“Anyone with information should contact the Crime Stoppers hotline on 1800 333 000.

“All inquiries are confidential and should only be made in confidence.”

Originally published as Police fear ‘hundreds’ of serious deaths

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