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Anzac wreath vandalism outrages rslouthians

Anzac wreath vandalism outrages rslouthians

SA’s AFR chief is today calling for the public to “act on” their anger after they ripped off an Australian flag and painted swastikas in front of the statue of former prime minister Paul Keating.

Mr Keating died of cancer in 2007, while his wife Julia Keating and brother Frank were both assassinate바카라사이트d in the Australian campaign to remove the statue.

“We know that, as a proud Nation of Australia, we are committed to democracy and equality.

“In our opinion, the act of this despicable act of vandalism against our former PM and our former prime minister’s former wife and brother is deeply offensive and in no way reflects the views of SA,” said Mr Rochdale.

“The actions of this couple will bring dishonour to the very foundation of our country, the military men that fought and died to preserve freedom for all.

“These two men, their widow and brother will go down in the annals of Australian History as the gre더킹카지노atest generation of Australians and as a proud part of the Australian National side.”

The vandalism occurred at about 3am on Wednesday, when the two former PMs and their son were buried at Mount Gravatt, south of Sydney.

The two former politicians had left their flag at the grave and were metnatyasastra.com by more than 100 protesters at a public park.

Police have arrested the two men in connection with the incident.

Mr Rochdale said he was “shocked and disgusted” by the incident, but warned that further incidents could be in store.

He said the only way for the people in New South Wales to express their anger at the vandalism was to act on it and not be discouraged by those who don’t like what they see.

“If we all stand up, we can get the message across to this government that we reject this disgraceful act and this attitude towards Australia’s soldiers,” he said.

“This is the only way to show this country the true spirit of our people.”

The two former prime ministers were the first Australian political figures to be honoured with the Order of Australian Merit while serving in the army during World War II.

The three men who were murdered by the Nazis are shown during the trial of former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating, in Berlin in 1988 (File Photo) ()

The former PM’s obituary included a video in which he said he wanted “our country back to its rightful place, but thi